Community Helpers Dress-Up Relay Race

Community Helpers Dress-Up Relay Race


Materials Needed:

Two or three community workers outfits (e.g. police officer, fire fighter, mailman)
Two small totes/laundry baskets (per team)


What to Do:

Explain to children that you will be dividing them into equal teams.
You need to create at least two equal teams of children to race against each other.
Divide each team in half and have the groups stand opposite each other, at each end of the room or play area.
Each team uses two baskets, one on each end.
Place one outfit in one of each team's baskets, leaving one per team empty.
Instruct each group from each team line up, single file, behind the basket at their end of the play area.
Explain to the children these rules of the game:

- Only one person from each team dresses up at a time.
- The person is to put on the complete outfit using all the pieces and accessories in the tote/basket..
- Once all pieces have been put on, the child should race to the other side and take all outfit pieces off and place them into the empty basket for their teammate to put on.


- After removing the outfit, they should go to the end of the line.
- The first person in the line now dresses in the outfit and runs back to the original side, removes the outfit, and places it in the tote/basket.
- Repeat this process until all the children have participated.
- The first team to have all their members take part in putting on the outfit, runnning to the other side, and taking off the outift wins the relay race.

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